Tuesday, November 10, 2015

How Starbucks Supports Americas Veterans All Year

In case you needed further proof that the Republican Party is now officially the party of the mentally handicapped and developmentally challenged Caucasian American folk, Donald Trump has jumped on the "Bullshit War on Christmas" thing by calling for a boycott of Starbucks, because--if case you're the one who missed it--in celebration of Christmas, they went with a minimalist, red cup, instead of one littered with glaringly Christian icons, like snowflakes and flying raindeer.

By all means, Mr. Trump, call for a boycott against the company that this year made sure that even part time employees (partners working at least an average of 20 hours/week) have access to their group health insurance plan -- and who covers the tuition costs of ANY employee (regardless of how many hours/week they average) who is trying to better their lives with a college education.

Go ahead, Donald, call for a boycott of Starbucks, a company that puts its money toward helping veterans where other people put empty platitudes, "Thanks for your service--now get a job, bum." Indeed, Starbucks does so much to help veterans and their families it's hard to list everything, but here's FOUR major things right here:

1. Starbucks already employs thousands of veterans and family members, and is well on their way to their goal of employing 10,000 vets and family.

2. Starbucks provides major financial support to Heroes Corporate Fellowship Academy, a program managed by Camo2Commerce, an organization that provides career development and jobs for active duty service members transitioning out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. The goal of the fellowship academy is to help service members build their civilian network and add civilian work experience to their resumes.

3. Starbucks provides major financial support and hands-on, in-store opportunities through Training With Industry. TWI provides an opportunity for U.S. Navy Supply Chain officers to spend 12 months analyzing the operations of a world-class human resources and supply chain management company.

4. The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Care Coalition Fellowship provides another opportunity for active duty service members to leverage their military experience while working at Starbucks. The program provides wounded, ill, and injured Special Operations Forces (SOF) service members a head start on their transition while they are still on active duty. During the fellowship, they gain business experience, expand their professional network, and enhance their resume prior to separating from the military.

And by the way, Starbucks provides free coffee all day long to veterans on Veterans' Day, tomorrow, November 11. Trump doesn't even provide a measly 1% discount to veterans off a room in one of his hotels.

Doing these many, generous things to help those that America have sent to fight our many wars seems to me a more Christian thing to do than, say, Hobby Lobby's refusing to pay for employee's health insurance. But if fake-ass Christians want to demonstrate that they follow Donald Trump instead of their own hearts, I say go ahead and boycott! There's not a whole lot of them that buy good coffee at Starbucks, instead of that hot, brown water McDonalds sells, anyway. But without even those few in there, the place will be so much nicer for the rest of us.

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