Saturday, May 30, 2015

About the Biker Protest at the Mosque in Phoenix Yesterday

Just a thought of mine concerning the event in Phoenix yesterday, where a few "bikers" showed up to try to intimidate Muslims at Friday prayers at a Mosque, and obviously, to try (in vain) to provoke a violent confrontation.

First, it warms my heart to have seen that more "ordinary" citizens, most identifying themselves as Christians, showed up to peacefully counter-protest than did "bikers."

Then, as far as these "bikers," how are you going to protest Islam as "promoting violence" by openly bring semi-automatic weapons to a public place, and signs reading "Fuck Islam"? 

Double standard much?

I don't for a second believe any of these skinhead fools were "Christians" or even "bikers" for that matter. They were clearly just racist skinheads who happen to operate motorcycles.

One of the wonderful things about being an American is that our Constitution, the basis for all law in our nation, explicitly gives us each the right to worship, or not to worship, any or even many deities as we see fit. But in worshipping one way, one does not have to be led into protesting against the Constitutional right of others to worship differently.

What would Jesus do? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't carry an AK-47 and a sign reading "Fuck Islam."

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