Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Many Americans Hate Soccer But Love Dick Cheney

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Dick CheneyPersonally, I always thought this is one of the main reasons Americans just haven't ever taken to soccer--games can end in a tie. We Americans have been conditioned all our lives that production and results are far more important than process. In our minds, the whole point of a sporting competition is to produce (1) a triumphant victor, and (2) a humiliated loser. I think as many people eagerly the anticipate the second thing as the first.

I won't go on long and deep, not here at least, but it really does say a lot about the American psyche. And maybe something about why Americans measure a person's value in terms of dollars--their economic production, "net worth"--not in terms of the many other things that person may contribute, possibly to many, many people. Or the quality of their character.

Which also explains why so many Americans still genuinely admire Dick Cheney. They think he will produce results. He does--for Haliburton's bottom line, not America's--but they love the idea of just throwing our army in and taking charge. That's only happened once since World War Two, in the first Iraq war, and Cheney was George H.W. Bush's defense secretary.

So fast forward to today. The constant, unrelenting anti-Obama drumbeat from right-wing media, led any chance he can get in front of a camera by Darth Vader here (no offense to the real Darth Vader), thinks he has license to drag America's military, and reputation, down any deadly hole of a conflict that happens in the world. Making him and Haliburton and all his other defense contractors another trillion bucks or so.

And if Americans happen to die by the thousands along with the enemy-of-the-month, so be it. That's nothing to a war-mongering, chicken hawk like this fool.

Dick Cheney, chicken hawk

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  1. We Americans misunderstand the tie - in soccer and in life. Ultimately the competition does produce a winner. It's just that along the way we may have to accept some tactical compromises. Hell, you can even lose a game and end up the champion. You know, it's that nuance thing that W. was so unfond of.


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