Friday, January 31, 2014

Is This Snow Chemtrails or Aliens?

It's quite likely you saw photos or videos on the Net these past few days of what appears to be some strange new type of snow, that won't easily melt, even if directly exposed to flame. These images have been posted by the tinfoil hat crowd as proof of 'Chemtrails' or aliens, or some unknown new spookiness from secret, Illuminati affiliated NWO agencies.

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Yeah, no, sorry, it's only simple sublimated water, a.k.a., ominous dihydrogen monoxide, a.k.a. H2O.

Yeah, I know scientists take the fun out of everything. Just keep thinking that as you access the Internet using your smart phone to raise your thermostat before you get home from your life-saving MRI: boring-ass science.

There's a much more complete technical explanation on the Facebook page "I fucking love science."

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