Friday, January 31, 2014

Does Anyone Remember the "Digital Divide?"

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I thought we all had come to agree on one thing: the importance of having high-speed Internet access available to as many Americans as possible, regardless of geographic location or economic circumstances. Not having Net access is a sure way to impede every aspect of modern cultural progress: education, employment, empowerment in all forms.

So it kind of blew my mind this morning to learn that the state of Kansas intends to make it impossible for Google Fiber and other high-speed providers to extend services throughout their state.

How does ensuring the ignorance of an entire state's population benefit anyone? I guess if you are a member of a political party that denies science in all forms, and is by nature highly regressive, it makes perfect sense.

The perpetuation of power in the hands of the GOP clearly depends on fostering the largest possible constituency of low-information voters, something we progressives have understood for a decade. But now, the Kansas legislature takes an unprecedented step to codify that into a law banning broadband.

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