Friday, October 18, 2013

The Three Most Honest Minutes In Television History. Really?

“The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one. America's not the greatest country in the world any more.”

As I see it, the root of the entire problem is that while one half of our political populace is concerned with trying to achieve progress for all Americans, and to be a positive influence in the world, the other half is consumed by denying the Earth is round, and debating what sort of dinosaur Jesus rose as He handed down the Constitution and a series of laws subordinating women and all people of color.

We won't solve any real life problems, until we find a way of ensuring all those who participate are capable of acknowledging math exists, and are prohibited from kidnapping the world's largest economy to demand their minority positions be imposed on the whole, thus suborning our very democracy.

Oh, yeah, with our $16.2 Trillion GDP, we are IN FACT still number ONE in that economy thing. That may not be a big deal in make believe TV land, not even worth a mention in this clip, "The Three Most Honest Minutes In Television History." Really? But that Number One Economy Thing is everything in the real world. Really. Honest. History.

We're still number one, for now. But the GOP had better get its act together fast, get control over their idiotic extremists, and start helping to exercise the responsibility our position of dominance demands, or we won't be number one for long. And then shit really will get bad, and fast, for everyone.

I love this TV show, it's a nice piece of fantasy--a reasonable, science and fact-driven Republican celebrity in this day. HA! We wish! Click the link and enjoy this character's rant. But he should have mentioned the number one economy thing, and maintained integrity to the context of a reality-based character, and the title, "Most Honest." That was a misstep by the writers, imo, a big One.

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