Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Justice System Is Not

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Our "Justice" system is so completely screwed up in its priorities right now, that it is everything EXCEPT a "justice" system. It has simply become industrialized incarceration for the purposes of (1) profits, (2) political gain, and (3) the primary tool for social re-engineering to marginalize and disenfranchise as much of our lower-income population as possible.

The vast majority of people in states' and federal prisons are there for non-violent drug offenses. The second largest offenses category is that of crimes against property, the vast majority of which were very low-dollar "petty" crimes, such as that pictured here. The fewest number of convicts are serving time for crimes against persons. Those are the actual bad guys, who most definitely have lost their ability to live among us. But it is ridiculous that a person can be convicted of a felony, serve a year and a day in prison, and be branded as a criminal for life--with all the extremely harsh consequences society then imposes for life on felons--all on a first offense of stealing as little as $25.

It is past time for major reform of our "justice" system, including a complete review of the acts defined as crimes, and the sentences to be imposed.

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