Saturday, October 12, 2013

Molly Ivins New eBook “Letters to the Nation”

We love us some Molly Ivins, and there's a new eBook of her work out, “Letters to the Nation,” edited by Richard Lingeman. And it's a great excuse for me to re-run one of my all-time most popular quote memes.

Molly Ivins, Richard Lingeman, letters to the nation, Texlish, Texas, politics, wit

Writing in her native "Texlish," Molly Ivins planted herself squarely in the tradition of plain-spoken and earthy American humor, the big river that runs from Mark Twain straight through to Will Rogers, Ring Lardner and George Carlin.

Between 1982 and 2007, Ivins contributed seventeen consistently sharp and funny articles to The Nation, starting with what might be described as her "Letters From Texas," in which she discussed political developments in the Lone Star State, whose zany politics were full of exotic people dubbed "The Gibber," "The Breck Girl" and "Governor Goodhair."

Despite their humor, however, Ivins's pieces always delivered trenchant political commentary. And she could also write highly accomplished and fascinating cultural essays and book reviews, such as "Ezra Pound in East Texas," included in this eBook.

Molly Ivins, “Letters to the Nation,” eBook $9.99 from This is not a sponsored link, but is provided as a personal courtesy to those who may be so interested.

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