Friday, September 13, 2013

USA is NOT a Majority Christian Nation, Not Even Majority Religious

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Here are the top ten most religious states, according to The Huffington Post. Please note (1) how successful each of these are, economically, and (2) in ONLY 7 states do religious people outnumber more secular citizens. It's balanced in North Carolina at 50 percent each, and in EVERY OTHER STATE people that self-identify as being "religious" are in the minority.

The USA is NOT a majority Christian nation, it is not even a majority RELIGIOUS nation. That is actually a minority view. So why are the rest of us letting these fools have such strong control over our government, our laws, our future as a nation?

1. Mississippi (59 percent)
2. Utah (57 percent)
3. Alabama (56 percent)
4. Louisiana (54 percent)
5. Arkansas (54 percent)
6. South Carolina (54 percent)
7. Tennessee (52 percent)
8. North Carolina (50 percent)
9. Georgia (48 percent)
10. Oklahoma (48 percent).

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