Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No To War In Syria

I had the sickest feeling today watching the hearings in Congress about Syria, and finding myself rooting for Rand Paul over John Kerry. What the hell has happened to my peace-loving Democrats? Have we learned nothing, after hundreds of thousands of deaths, and trillions of dollars, and not one thing is accomplished in either Iraq or Afghanistan to justify even one lost soul. If we bomb Syria, we will destabilize al-Assad, and then we'll have to occupy Syria and fight al-Qaeda to keep them from taking over. I'm sure Obama, Kerry, et al, understand this. I just can't for the life figure out why they are so eager to?

I've been known since the beginning as an "Obama fan," and I still am. But I am NOT a fan of another protracted, pointless, bloody war in the Mideast, and that will, in the end if necessary, trump the other thing.

The Democratic Party is first and most a union of principled people. It is NOT a simple personality cult, as many are behaving right now, from the DNC chair down, in my opinion.

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