Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Math Will Keep You Warm

In 1976, I hit my first permanent U.S. Army duty station in Germany as an 11C (mortars), and was assigned to the 4.2 platoon in CSC. The only thing the Platoon Sgt. asked me was, "Can you do math?" I assured him I was very good at "math," specifically algebra, trigonometry and calculus. He said, "Fan-f*cking-tastic, you're my new FDC guy."

FDC was pretty sweet, compared to being a gun bunny. I mean, it's still Infantry, but I had the big Winnebago (M-577 APC), so you could stand up inside, it was that roomy, and it was the only APC in the battalion that had a working heater, nice in Germany!

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The reason we kept a working heater, is that we fixed it ourselves. My driver and I traded liquor rations to the M-60 tankers for spare heater flame detectors, that was the most fragile part in the thing, and we never, ever put the vehicle into the motor pool for any kind of service without first removing the heater and securing it in the alert room. We knew it would have come back with it somehow missing, or at least, it's parts stripped.

We were the envy of the entire battalion, and legends among envious cold men. LOL 

Keep studying that math, kids, it can keep you warm.

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