Thursday, July 25, 2013

Russian Government Behind Violence Against LGBT

The Russian government, meaning Vladimir Putin, have been actively both prosecuting and persecuting the LGBT community in Russia. This link provides yet another example of systematic, organized violence against gays instigated by government officials.

Has Putin forgotten that Russia has an Olympics coming up next year? I think the LGBT rights groups here in the U.S. and world-wide should join together in calling for a boycott of the Russian Olympics, unless this anti-LGBT campaign stops immediately, and basic human rights protections of LGBT Russian citizens are guaranteed.

How can a LGBT person even think about coming to attend the Olympics as a money-spending spectator or athlete in a country that might kill them?

We also need to contact the TV network now (NBC as usual, anyone know?) that'll cover the Olympics, and let them know we expect them to cover this violence against LGBT people in Russia as part of the on-going Olympic story.

What do you think?
Vladimir Putin photo, LGBT, Russia, olympics
Russian Neo Nazi Groups Tricking And Torturing Gay Male Teenagers

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