Saturday, June 29, 2013

The GOP Has No Interest in Creating Jobs

I think a lot of our present political situation is not clearly understood by most folks. Take unemployment, for instance. So many of my liberal friends, and those Republican friends who are still capable of engaging facts and the truth, don't seem to understand why the GOP focuses so much time on its war against women's health, and the promotion of one peculiar religion into (sharia) law.

Wise up--the GOP has ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in creating jobs, especially good jobs. The GOP represents corporations and corporate big money. Lowest possible labor costs are in the interests of these large money grubbing machines, and the best way to keep labor cheap, is to keep much of it unemployed.

That automatically disenfranchises the unemployed, because in America, if you don't have money or a job, you are shit, and they are justified in ignoring your opinion. As far as those who are lucky enough to have a job, knowing how desperate the unemployed are, they will take virtually any level of abuse from management just to keep the shitty job they do have.

So, when John Boner, Bitch McConnell, and the other crooks say their focus is "Jobs, jobs, jobs" what they really mean is, "Abortion, Gay Marriage, Food Stamps."

Eat the rich.

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  1. I think that they should instigate a barter/trade program that basically replaces the food stamp program. I know that this reply isn't really related but it is something I have been thinking about for a while now.

    I could discuss it in length at some point. One thing that did make me get all excited was when I talked to my cousin a couple of weeks ago. She works for CMH (Community Mental Health) and actually places people for jobs.

    She said that it really brings these people a lot of joy to be part of society and feel like they have a sense of place.

    I know that I'm not explaining this right or fully, but... I've had these feelings of wanting to get involved in the community but don't have the time to do it at the moment. If I could volunteer places in exchange for "benefits" it would be very rewarding.

    Check out an article by Jonathan Archer called "Don't Muffle The Call to Serve".

    What brought this all to my mind was my neighbor back in the previous city. I sort of got the inside scoop on what she was doing to "survive" so to speak. She was on like 15 meds and was selling the majority of them to get extra money to pay her bills. This is on top of what she's getting for disability. Granted, she's truly disabled, but I KNOW in my heart that she would feel much better about herself and experience more fulfillment and joy out of life if she was involved in the community. Luckily she goes to church and does get some social interaction that way.

    Ok I'll stop rambling! Lol. sorry. had to vent. I type like the wind.


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