Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feels Like Cold War in Here

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As most modern countries are moving forward rapidly on LGBT civil rights, Russia is formalizing discrimination with harsh measures, which further provokes those who would oppose the regime, so that they may be identified and rounded up. This also serves the purpose of disabling, discouraging and dampening wider opposition to the government on other issues.

The Russian dictators have always loved their Gulags. They serve to establish the ultimate power of the totalitarian system, so are necessary to maintaining a firm grip over the masses. How very Soviet of them. Maybe some of us cold war old timers might get relevant again.

And then there's Snowden. And whatever ends up happening with him, will tell us which way Russia can be expected to go on these broader geopolitical goals. Snowden is a throwback to the old cold war spy game, of which Putin was a trained master, and highly capable operator. Everything links in the Soviet mind, and in tactical political decisions of the Russian leadership on incidents of opportunity, such as Snowden.

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