Friday, May 31, 2013

The Dictatorship of the Few

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Our national economy is more than twice as large as it was when Reagan took office. All of that gain has gone to the people already at the top, while those in the middle and bottom make due with even less than before. Every economic metric bears this truth.

And yet, the CEO of the world's richest company can berate Congress over how hard they have to work to avoid paying taxes, and they get apologized to by Rand Paul, and celebrated in the right-wing media.

In search of ever increasing audience and ad revenues, the right-wing media has become completely detached form reality. In their dependence on the penetration of right-wing media, right-wing politicians have engaged in this continual escalation of the absurd in politics, until we've reached the  state of utter confusion of refusal to govern as a stance for 'democratic' principals. In other words, a dictatorship of the few.

How long? How long will we let this continue?

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