Monday, May 27, 2013

Save A Penny, Lose A Way of Life

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And that one extra penny we can all save, helps save Walmart from having to pay their employees enough to live decently, or have health insurance. In fact, a ridiculously high percentage of their workers are heads-of-households containing children, that would be even more hungry were it not for food stamps, at least.

If you make no other sacrifice for your country today, then at least stay away from Walmart for one day.

This is one of the richest companies in the world, and they got that way by cut-throating *every* small business owned by hard working Americans.

Sam Walton had a lot of admirable, even imitable personal qualities. The six people in Arkansas who have inherited most of his hard-earned wealth have themselves done nothing in their lives to earn it, except be lucky enough to be born related to Sam.

They collectively own 40% of "our" America. And they are most definitely NOT the same caliber of person Sam was, either. I'm sure you've seen one or more of their mugshots for their various drunk driving and other arrests. They paid off the Arkansas state legislature to let them buy TAX FREE multi-million dollar pieces of art. These are appreciable investments, you understand, that by owning, will continue to increase their personal wealth. But it's relatively easy in very poor Arkansas to buy enough hillbilly politicians to run that state, and they are.

Why do we chose to continue to support low-life scum who are actively destroying our way of life? To save a penny at a time on some cheap, Chinese sh!t we probably don't even need?

This is not supposed to be a "happy" holiday, in my humble opinion. It is a day we should all set aside to deeply examine the path we're on as individuals and as citizens of this great country, for which millions of other Americans have given their lives defending.

That is, if we want to continue to be able to say that, "this great country," using the present tense.

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