Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Wind Turbine May Halve Gas-Generated Power Cost

Check out this new wind turbine design. Just a 10-mph wind at the top produces a 40-mph velocity to the turbine. It has the potential to generate electricity at half the cost of natural gas. It's much simpler than those giant propeller windmills, making it far less expensive to deploy and maintain. That's when we'll see all sorts of companies jump into green energy, when production costs come down to be competitive. Those green energy currently costs up to 30 times as much to produce as fossil fuels. But if innovation like this brings the costs down to parity, we'll see adoption by old, mainstream energy companies begin to increase. If we can get green energy costs down to LESS than fossil fuels, guess what? No more new fossil fuel plants. The one thing you can count on big business to do is the cheapest possible thing every time.
Chaska, Minn.-based company Sheer Wind thinks it has a design that could bring the cost of wind power down to a price competitive with natural gas. Daryoush Allaei, Sheer Wind’s chief technical officer, told DNews that a utility-scale system of these wind turbines — that is a 100 to 500 MW power plant — the cost could be as low as 1 cent per KWh. For comparison, conventional tower and blade wind power plants cost about 45 to 80 cents per KWh and natural gas plants cost about 2 to 3 cents per KWh.

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Read more about this on Discovery News.

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