Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day, Remember: It is not for the one, but for the many

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I've been hoping for a good Star Trek meme, to reinforce the message of the day, the importance of self-sacrifice. Those of us who grew up on Star Trek grew up understanding the Vulcan prime teaching: the desires, even the needs, of the one must be secondary to that of the many.

Out of this understanding, every great civilization has been born. When they forget, and worse, become sayers of this but not doers, that civilization ends. And it's usually not pretty.

The reemergence of popularity for dog-eat-dog, every man for humself, law of the jungle mentality regarding governance is something I, and most veterans I know, find to be a sickening threat to our democracy.

Sen. Rand Paul, and his messages of hate and selfishness, for one example of many, are far more of a threat to America than any bunch of rag-tag, two-bit, criminal "terrorists" thugs anywhere in the world, from here or abroad.

We're already gearing up for the next election, 2014, which itself is a depressing thought. But THIS TIME, we need to make sure the will of the American people is not only heard in Washington, BUT THAT IT IS OBEYED.

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