Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kevin Durant Donates $1M for Tornado Relief, Leads Others to Match Gift

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I can't ever remember a basketball story that nearly brought tears to my eyes, so I guess this is the first. Kevin Durant, starting forward (#35) for the Oklahoma City Thunder, moved by the Tornado destruction in Moore, Ok, recently donated One Million Dollars of his own money to tornado relief efforts.

That's pretty good right there, and he sure could have rested on that generous gift. But the giving went on.

First, his team owners were so moved by his gift, that they matched it. Word quickly spread through the NBA grapevine, and the NBA team owners partnered with the NBA Players' Union to donate another even million.

Then, Durant called his sponsor Nike, and put the friendly squeeze on them. They responded with a donation of $1M in shoes and other apparel for the people affected, and will donate all profits from May 23 through June 15 sales of the Elite version of Durant’s KD V basketball shoe to Kaboom, a national non-profit that rebuilds playgrounds, and the Moore Public School Foundation.

I salute not only Mr. Durant's kindness and generosity, but his personal responsibility as a de facto role model. A lesson all high-profile athletes (Shaquille "I am not a role model" O'Neal), celebrities, and politicians would do well to learn.

Especially the damned politicians.

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