Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First Commercial MyPixBook Deployment, Snake Head Tattoos

As I do from time to time, I'd like to ask you to take a moment if possible to check out a website I built for a friend and client. It's for another tattoo shop, Snake Head in Metropolis, who we consider more of a friend than a competitor. here's the site:

There's a Facebook like button right at the very tip top of the page, so give 'er a click, eh, mate?

The cool feature this website is built around is the file uploader. There's a password protected back end to this site that it's owner, Snakeheads Tony Artis, can use himself to upload new pictures. When a picture is uploaded, it is shown back to the user, and the user clicks the image to select a point on the image to place a watermark. The image is then reshown with the watermark in that place, and a customized graphic frame wrapped around it. This frame carries the image owner's information--name, city, phone, URL--along with the watermarked image. This way, when people find the image and save it to their hard drive, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc., the data that identifies the image and links it back to its home on the web always goes with the image.

This automated photo branding is one of the many functions built into the platform I'm developing as But that's a big project, and a few months off yet, at least. I do think there are so many people that would like a tool to brand their own photos, in fact, that I'm in the process of making a stand alone web application of this tool now, that'll deploy at it's own URL soon. I'll post more about that here when it's ready.

MyPixBook, CMS, WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal

I hope the type of site MyPixBook buillds will serve its owners well. It can be easily updated at any time without the assistance of a webmaster type, but by anyone with basic web user skills. If you can post to Facebook, you could run one of these websites. It is far, far simpler to operate than any current CMS--WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal--yet its full database back end provides most of the same capabilities as those systems to programmers and developers.

In other words, it makes a great platform for someone to build and maintain their own website. Or, have a professional design the site, possibly including some major functional customizations, but the site it still LOTS easier than a conventional blog for ordinary users to add and maintain its actual content, photos, articles, blog posts, etc.

My goal is to make it as simple to operate a fully-functioned, multiple page, data base capable website as it is to post to Facebook. I see a lot of people that use Facebook, especially ones that go on to create Facebook pages to admin, who would have really excellent websites with much interesting content if only it were simpler than it is now. There's a fair degree of complexity to signing up for a hosting account somewhere, registering your domain, and even using the web host's 'easy website builder--they all have one--it's pretty complicated to actually create a decent website. Then it's a lot of work every time you need to update it. And you really do need a lot of skills.

I hope to change all that. It's a dream I've had for a couple of decades now. But it's one step closer to actualization today.

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