Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Achieving Synchronicity

This is quite fascinating, and I think, is a metaphor for how we humans are all connected through the constantly moving surface of culture.

32 metronomes are all started independently, so as to be out of sync with each other. By 1:30 in the video, most of them have already synced their motions. By just 2:45, they're all swinging together. How? Coupled oscillators--the board they are standing on is movable, so the metronomes are said to be 'coupled' in such a way the energy and motions of one effect all the others and vice versa.

Have you ever seen the videos of how just one driver on a crowded highway can influence all the other drivers around him/her to either cause more congestion by bunching up, or relieve congestion and stopages by simply spacing out? That was a fascinating study, and one I've myself experienced on the road.

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