Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Please Check Out My Tattoo Shop Website

Can I ask y'all for bitty bit of help with a programming project? I need to beta test our new site, meaning I just need people to visit it and poke around on it a little. It's at: http://ironanchortattoos.com/

It has Forums, Groups, inter-user Friending, Live Chat, even our feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all in one, convenient place!

I've put A LOT of time and love into this company website for the family business, Iron Anchor Tattoos. I have the three best, most committed, tattoo artists within a thousand miles, and I want to put a monster of a site under them, to help connect them with our most awesome clients! The people who put a lot of trust in us to draw an original picture in their skin for life, and under the most sterile of conditions, with the most experienced artists. So I went and built more than a website with a bunch of tattoo pictures, I built an entire Community--think of it as a Facebook for tattoo lovers! And I made it as simple as possible to use.

That starts with user registration. If you have an existing social network account like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more, just just click one button to log in with the Social Network of your choice! That's all there is to it!

Then, you can post to any site-wide Forum, and we have several set up to start with more coming all the time, you can join OR EVEN CREATE a group of people with a common interest, and share things to that group's private forum, you can send other users friend requests, private messages, and more, just like on Facebook!

But the nice thing is, it's just for us, lovers of the body arts, and fans of the Iron Anchor, with out all the silly distractions of Facebook or G+, and NONE of the spam!

And it's a true tattoo community, too, committed to advancing the tattooing arts in our area and world wide. On that note, any licensed tattoo artist and shop out there are encouraged to log in and participate. There's even a Forum where tattoo shops can post a shop listing:  http://ironanchortattoos.com/forums/forum/tattoo-shop-listings/.

I ahve a few bitty bugs I'm still working on, the front page blog describes those, but for now I need to exercise it under a real load a little, so poke around, have fun, let me know what you think! @Steve Piper

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