Saturday, March 30, 2013

You Can Directly Help a Homeless Veteran

homeless veterans
The VA estimates that 300,000 American Military Veterans are homeless each night, with about half of those forced to sleep outdoors for lack of shelter.

As most of you know, I am a veteran of ten years US Army service, and I have in fact been homeless many times since my leaving the Army.

While I am currently in an acceptable living situation, with prospects for a future slowly developing, I know many more homeless veterans who are struggling to survive in Western Kentucky, a rural area with virtually no services for homeless citizens or veterans.

Veterans pride themselves on self-sufficiency, and are by large a pride group reluctant to ask for charity. So we will do that part for them, in an humble attempt to improve the living conditions of as many veterans as possible. And because all of our work is donated, including web hosting to power this whole operation, you are assured that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of your donation will go directly to homeless veterans who desperately need your concern, your care, your love.

To make it easy for you to directly help a homeless veteran, we have constructed this Donation Page on The Cause is called "Homeless Veteran Direct Assistance" and is available via this link:

Every little bit helps, but when you make your donation please consider the generosity of people willing to lay down their lives for you, the debt of honor you owe them, the comforts you enjoy in your life versus the constant desperation that defines these heroes' lives now.

Thank you and may God bless you always, Steve Piper.
homeless veterans

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