Monday, March 11, 2013

Help Stop Drone Attacks, Call The President Today

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are the biggest battlefield game changer since the invention of the machine gun. But they belong in the hands of warriors--iow, the DOD.

The way we are using them now--as weapons of assignation under the control of the CIA--is the whole problem here. We are deliberately violating the restricted airspace of sovereign nations in order to kill specific and particular people. How very un-American.

The administration has dialed the program way down these last two months while John Brennan's CIA nomination was in the Senate, but now that's done, we need to fix the drone program. Brennan has been its head for four years, but he's also the main advocate for moving it all out of CIA and over to DOD, and bringing these weapons under the same controls as the rest of our military.

Please take a moment to take the most effective action you can today on this issue: please call the White House Comments Line at 202-456-1111 and let our President know that you think the USA's drone program needs to be under DOD control and responsibility, not the CIA.

There are many advocates besides Brennan in the administration for this policy change, but the President needs to hear directly from you on this to get it done.

For more information about drone technology visit this link.

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