Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fuck Canada and Its Tar Sands. Stop Keystone XL

Fuck Canada and Fuck their money-grubbing Keystone XL pipeline. Here's VIDEO of just the LATEST pipeline rupture, this one in a highly-developed area in Arkansas. The leak is bad enough that it has shut down all the nearby highways including the Interstate. And of course, it's this heavy tar sand crap that NO ONE has any idea how to clean up!! Insanity rules.

If you live in Canada and you call yourself any kind of liberal, progressive or environmentalist, you need to be working every second of every day to get YOUR Tar Sands project SHUT DOWN. Otherwise, you're just another fake-ass Facebook poser who thinks clicking "Like" will change the world to roses and whipped cream, because you really don't give a shit, you just want people to THINK you do..

The Canadian Tar Sands project is the MOST ENVIRONMENTALLY DESTRUCTIVE project every attempted. We must STOP KEYSTONE XL AT ANY COST.

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