Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bush Family Emails Hacked

George W Bush self-portrait, shower, bath, politics, Bush
The Secret Service is investigating the hacking of email accounts belonging to members of the Bush family that divulged correspondence, addresses, phone numbers and a picture of a self-portrait painted by former President George W. Bush standing in a shower.

A report on the Smoking Gun website said a hacker known as Guccifer raided the email accounts and posted the photos online, which included pictures of former president G.H.W. Bush, recently released from hospital, and another of the elder Bush with Bill Clinton.

There are intimate email texts, as well, like George W. Bush asking family members for advice in case he needs to deliver a eulogy for his father, sent during the elder President Bush's illness.

The hack dump provides a rare glimpse inside of one of America's most powerful political families, especially the G.W.B. self-portraits in the tub. Writing about these on Friday, New York magazine art critic Jerry Saltz said, "I really like the paintings of George W. Bush," and described them as "wonderful, unselfconscious, intense."

There's more here on Reuters:

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