Thursday, January 3, 2013

Snorting Marijuana Killed My Mother Three Months Before I Was Born

cannabis, marijuana, prohibition, addictionThis meme has been circulating for a while now on Facebook and other nets. is an hysterical piece of satire. I think we all know that people don't snort or inject marijuana, it won't even 'work' that way, and there's not one single case of fatal overdose in any medical record ever. But it's worth reading this to see an example of satire in the Internet age. The unknown author deliberately lets us in on the fact that it is a joke when, near the end, he says "I was born three months after she died." That'd be like combining the miracles of Jesus and Lazarus into one. That's called "the reveal," something so unbelievable the author put in just to let us know it is indeed meant as satire. This is usually done, in cases of advocacy, to make the argument he really wants to make -- in this case, that cannabis is the safest drug in human experience -- but to let it form silently in the reader's mind as a result of rejecting the narrative. If you end up making the reader laugh along the way, you may win them over.

The 65,000+ Facebook shares, and hundreds of thousands of comments this has received, is testament to both the effectiveness of the piece, and as a lot of the comments show, the gullibility of a large portion of Internet users.

There is a website that continues this dialog into a much longer, more detailed, more absurd version, along with a Twitter account that constantly tweets stuff like "Kids don't snort pot, it killing my mother." It's been a while since I read those, and I didn't bother to keep the URLs, so if you're terrifically interested to find them, just copy and paste some of the stuff said in this original post into Google.

The only people that can be said to have died from marijuana didn't die from using it, they died in prison, or at the hands of cops or robbers. Those are the most important arguments for ending prohibition, to end those true human costs of a failed law.

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