Monday, January 14, 2013

Ending The War on Drugs Would Be Best Gun Control

Finally, people are starting to get it: the tragically-failed war on drugs has directly caused the explosion in organized crime, particularly criminal street gangs, and the high level of violence among contending groups that often claims innocent bystanders. Just like the alcohol prohibition lead to the birth of organized crime in America, the drug prohibition has spawned most of the violence in the USA today. Additionally, the enormous profits generated by this prohibition is the leading cause of law enforcement corruption.

On Sunday on MSNBC, Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests discussed whether the best answer to gun violence is ending the “War on Drugs.” About 800 people die every year as a result of gang violence, Harris-Perry said, “a large percentage of which are connected to drug trafficking.”

When it comes to gun violence, “maybe ending the War on Drugs is the best gun control measure we can enact,” as many violent gangs would no longer have a lucrative business in prohibited substances.

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