Friday, December 14, 2012

Tragedy In Kindergarden, We Must Make It Stop

I want America to be the safest country in the world, for children, and everyone. We have a horrible problem with gun violence that we are not dealing with at all. I support the theory of private gun ownership, but the reality is there are way too many unidentified and untreated crazy people in our country to continue to permit easy access to firearms for nearly everyone. We must grow up and take control for the sake of our children.

Therefore, I support strict EMERGENCY gun control measures be put into effect immediately, like the following:

  • Require DETAILED background checks including a comprehensive Mental Health examination and approval (applicants pay costs) of each and every gun dealer and owner.
  • Require all gun owners to carry minimum $1,000,000 any-death liability insurance on each and every gun they own. 100% unappealable confiscation of ALL firearms if ONE uninsured one found in possession.
  • Require posting of $100,000,000 bond by Federal Firearms Dealers License application.
  • Impose %1000 Federal excise tax on all guns, ammunition and gun "accessories," except law enforcement.
  • BAN (and confiscate) civilian possession of all magazine-fed rifles, and all short guns and handguns.

Yeah, this is radical. Not as much as 18 kindergardeners gunned down in cold blood on a Friday morning in a small, quiet town in America.

This is my opinion for my page. If you disagree, then you are part of the problem, not the solution. Don't ever post your pro-gun bull shit comments here, do it on your own page.

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