Sunday, December 23, 2012

Please Sign This Petition to Google Adsense

I discovered, much to my horror, ads for guns and ammo running all over my websites this morning. It seems the sick bastards who profit off of the deaths of children have bought up as much online ad space as they can get, hoping to cash in off this latest tragedy.

If you are a website publisher who runs Google ads, it is impossible to block these with a single click, because there currently is no category for guns, as there is for adult/porno sites, or MLM.

Considering how controversial gun advertising is, publishers must be able to elect to block these ads. They are inappropriate for a large number of websites.

Therefore, I created a petition to Google on to create such a Google Adsense category. Regardless of how you feel about guns themselves, please do sign my petition, agreeing that publishers should be able to control the ads that appear on our own sites.

The children and I thank you.

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