Saturday, December 22, 2012

Has the NRA Considered the Nuclear Option?

Unsurprisingly, the bloody NRA says an armed officer at every school in America would end the school shootings. Right. It's not like any of these losers want to go out in a blaze of glory, or some such, and that knowing there will be an armed officer there, who will be taken first, doesn't make the target MORE ATTRACTIVE to the mentally unstable. Oh, surely not. Crazy, homicidal killers always obey the logical paradigms of the NRA, they are so well known for that.

Indeed, we just can't put enough simple guns into a school to "make" it safe. Therefore, as responsible Americans, we need to think strategically. This is a horrible problem. And as the NRA well knows, a horrible problem demands a horrible solution. We need to embrace the nuclear option. See, "all we have to do" is install a small nuclear warhead into every American school, hospital, shopping mall, park, theater, and anywhere else we gather in large numbers. Then, for detonation control, we hook it up to a Clapper. At the first sound of gun fire, the weapon will self detonate. (Or, car back fires, dogs barking, the school band playing, etc.)

With Assured Educational Destruction, we'll surely make the stakes too high for gun violence. Like I said, it's not like any of these losers *want* to go out in blaze of glory, or die in their actions.

The NRA funds, enables and lobbies on behalf of terrorists. Shut down the NRA. Seize their assets, jail their leaders and other hired guns.

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