Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gun's Are Yesterday's Tools

This meme strikes right to my peeves. When I hear the beer-belly militiamen claim they need a large home arsenal of combat weapons, just in case the guberment turns tyrannical, I see flaws in that thinking.

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1. The Big Evil Guberment are your neighbors, perhaps friends but I doubt it, maybe even one or more family members. The spear point of that Big Evil Guberment are the armed forces. You know, "the troops," as in "Support the Troops" on that $5 car magnet you bought from some corporation, not some "troop." In other, smaller words: you cannot claim to both support and fear the same troops. There is zero chance in hell the US Armed forces, comprised mostly of the most dedicated, committed Americans who volunteered to, if necessary, DIE for your freedom. Double-freaking duh.

2. Let's say I'm wrong about point 1, and somehow our entire military is massed together and dosed with Manchurian-X mind control drugs and turned against America. We civilians still outnumber them about 200, 250 to 1. We wouldn't even need guns, massing in the streets would be enough to seize everything We The People needed to regain control. Pitchforks and torches have always worked nicely, when you have a nearly 300-to-1 advantage.

3. Let's say both 1 & 2 happen, and the military, under the influence of those mind control drugs, goes nuclear. We're all toast at that point, it's been fun here on Facebook when we were still alive. In other words, they have nukes. All the stinking AR-15 rifles in the world will not save us from nukes. If you seriously think that logic and the antiquated second amendment permits you to have nukes, just in case, you truly are crazy, and why are we even talking?

Twenty very young children dead. We are better than this. We must stay on this this time until we get positive results. For all the children.

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