Sunday, December 23, 2012

Chief Oliver's Letter to the WBC

This is the letter Chief Oliver of the Brimfield, Ohio Police Department wrote to the Westboro Baptist Church on the BPD Facebook Page.

Dear Westboro Church,

I hesitate taking you to the woodshed in public, primarily because you are attention craving fools. This is one of those instances where I will go against my practice…and off to the woodshed we go.

You all have to be one of the biggest congregation of malcontents and losers I have ever seen. In the first order, you all are no more Baptists or Christians than I am the national spokesperson for the “Quiet and Shy Introvert Society”. I have been around lots of Baptists and Christians my whole life; you are a discredit to both and should immediately change your name to something more reflective of your vision and mission…such as The Westboro Hellbound Express . If experts want to know why people are moving away from religion, you are the number one answer.

My extreme dislike of you all started when we had a local hero die in the war in Iraq. You sent me a fax announcing you were coming here to protest the funeral procession, holding your signs, telling us in nasty language who God hates. Boy, you will win lots of followers with that idea. Morons. You never showed up, which is probably good…for all concerned.

Your mission seems to be to fire people up by holding up signs at funerals, informing everyone that God hates gays, blacks, military, the Jewish….the list goes on and on…all this while hiding behind your warped version of God….and freedom of speech. What you fail to realize is that freedoms come with inherent responsibilities. Your latest mission was to inform all of us that God sent the shooter to Sandy Hook….and to announce you were coming to the funerals. No class.

I’m not sure you have the right God on speed dial, just so you know.

Police, firefighters, prior service military and everyone else….we need to keep an eye on this group. If you know of a location they are going to protest, lets get all of the off-duty officers, firefighters, military and everyone else out and shield the route and procession. Grieving relatives and friends to do need this aggravation. If needed, I will coordinate the gathering, in my own display and exercise of the rights of assembly and free speech. We can just form sort of a human wall around the Hellbound Express and shut them down.

Westboro, you are on notice and may be well on the way to an entry in the Mope Hall of Fame……

And you may have attracted the wrong attention…..Chief Oliver.

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