Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ban Assault Weapons

I'm a 10-yr Army Infantry veteran myself, and now a grandfather. I was taught to shoot when I was four, and we Piper men and women are legendary good shots. There's still trophies in the case at 2/2 Infantry I won back in the day. I've also been the victim of many violent crimes over the years, including a night home invasion by three huge armed men who pistol whipped me and kicked all my lower teeth out. If I would have been sleeping with a loaded gun in my hand it only would have got me killed, they were in and on me so fast, as I slept. All of those things today, however, are reasons I don't and wouldn't own any gun in America. I refuse to react out of fear. And more than anything, I don't want any of my grandkids to die a gun death. More guns = more murders of ALL types, not just gun murders. (The Harvard study is all over the Net, Google it.) We have to take the culture down several notches, especially POV shooter games. But first, we have to do something about all the damned guns, to give us time to try to fix some people. That part is way harder and will take longer, and never be done. But other countries have had the intelligence and the courage to give up their guns, and it does indeed work very well. No one needs weapons designed for combat on the streets. That is unbelievably stupid that it's been allowed. It'd be unforgivably stupid not to do a legal about-face right here and now on assault weapons and large capacity magazines. One fourth of all cops shot and killed in the line of duty are killed with the AR-15.

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