Monday, November 26, 2012

Yeah, About Those "Mayan Prayers" I Keep Seeing

Put this in your "authentic" Mayan pipe and smoke it, dude! LOL


While we're talking about the ancient Mayans, I saw a meme over the weekend that purported to share the English translation of an ancient Mayan prayer. Nice try, but the written and spoken Mayan language(s) were completely lost to us hundreds of years ago. Recently, a tribe in Guatemala were found to be using a dialect that is *thought* to be a descendant of Mayan, and an effort is underway to reconstruct parts of it, similar to the efforts to reconstruct ancient Hebrew, which also was completely lost thousands of years ago. Modern Hebrew is simply a reconstructed version of our best guess as to parts of the ancient language. Most cunning linguists understand it to be less than accurate with regard to the original tongue.

So, I share all of that to discourage folks from jumping on this new "Mayan spiritual" trend on the Net. The Mayans were pretty ruthless warriors, with bloodthirsty leaders, and used so much alcohol that they invented the alcohol enema, for those times when you just can't get drunk enough by simply drinking! In other words, not everything in that mysterious, lost culture is worthy of modern emulation in an era of dare I say "science."

But, the fruit and nut crowd, those particularly shallow personalities with their feigned interest in ancient religions, are trending heavily toward the Mayans, and are busy inventing a bunch of nonsense that they then attribute to a wiser-than-us ancient culture that never actually existed.

History is wonderful. I would love some day to visit the ruins of ancient Mayan cities myself. But I don't try to make ancient people into something they were not. Instead, I find only the truth about their existence to be of interest. Not the myths being made up today.

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