Thursday, September 20, 2012

Republicans Oppose Veterans Jobs Bill

When Republicans say "I support the troops," what they really mean is they (1) support war, and (2) support defense contractors, heaping billions upon trillions of dollars into new, unnecessary, super-expense programs. Like building three new nuclear aircraft carriers, to add to our existing eleven.

Meanwhile, the actual war fighters--soldiers--receive pay below the poverty level, have to depend on food stamps to feed their families, and are sent in to fight a pointless, illegal war the Bush/Romney team lied us into, with no vehicle or body armor, or realistic, specific mission.

The party-line Republican rejection of the Veterans' Jobs bill in the Senate yesterday proves the lie they say, "We support our troops!" The best way for you to truly support our troops is to help reelect President Obama, who has already given orders to get us out of Afghanistan. The GOP insists we stay indefinitely.

Your vote in November for reason, restraint and diplomacy is perhaps more important that it's ever been in our lives.


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