Monday, September 3, 2012

Bo Needs A New Home, ASAP!

Southern Illinois or Western Kentucky Area

Foster or home needed ASAP. Some folks came to Project Hope No-Kill Shelter this morning with this handsome young 6 month old male yellow lab named Bo. They had adopted him from Crittenden County Shelter earlier this year but sadly, he keeps getting out of his pen and is killing the neighbor's chickens. The neighbor is threatening to kill Bo the next time he gets out and gets to their chickens.

Project Hope is over capacity and has no room to take him in. He's a very friendly dog and gets along well with children and cats too, just not so much with chickens. Is anyone interested in giving him a home or being a foster? He is current on rabies and has had some shots. If anyone can help out or would like to give him a home, you can email me at steve @

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