Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Shooting Stars and Lotto Dreams

I've been doing a lot of pissing and moaning lately on Facebook about how hard my life is, because it is. But those that know me in real life know I've been down to absolutely nothing more than once, and was happy as a lark as I dealt with it. So I just wanted to share this awesome photo:

I was born during this, the biggest meteor shower each year, the Perseid Shower, which happens when Earth passes through a huge cloud of comet debris that's stable, so it happens on the same days each year. As a teenager, when I took an interest in astronomy, this was one of the first of many things I became fascinated with, and studied extensively on my own. No doubt even more interested because I felt that young sense of "this is somehow mine," because of the birthday thing. Older, I was similarly but only casually fascinated when the last complete solar eclipse of the 20th century happened on my birthday. By then I had begun to far better appreciate the vast size and randomness of the Universe, but it was like hearing an almost-forgotten song from our youth, it rang that "superstitious" bell. 

Sometimes, all it takes is the least encouragement, a little superstition, something we take as a "sign" we're on the right track, to keep going. But ya' still gotta eat. If I would've had two bucks earlier today I probably would've bought a Powerball ticket for the $320,000,000 jackpot instead of a sandwich. Probably good thing I didn't, so I didn't waste it. But I can so understand how even very poor people would buy lotto tickets. Sure it's a damn long shot, the longest, but what *IF* you did win?

We all have our "lotto" fantasies, what we'd do if we came into such a huge sum of wealth. Every poor, or middle-class up from poor, person I ever had that talk with said the same basic thing: we'd give almost all of it away. 

I think that's very encouraging about people in general. Keep on shooting for the stars, y'all. Someday, we'll all get there together.

Photo credit: David Kingham.

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