Saturday, July 28, 2012

As a Democrat, I Miss the Grand Old Party

As a vocal, progressive democrat, I am NOT absolute in my opposition to "everything republican." Indeed, most of the reason I am so pissed off at politics has to do with the co-opting of the GOP by these hyper-polemic fools. I miss the higher quality of discourse that used to exist in American politics. The problem is, there is no real GOP anymore. The party has been taken over from the top by the ultra rich, and from the bottom by the ignorant hating of the tea baggers. The GOP desperately needs to reclaim the dignity of Gerald R. Ford, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, and, of course, Abraham Lincoln. All they have now are a bunch of self-serving clowns, fools, reprobate haters, draft-dodging chickenhawks, blood-thirsty single-issue flat-worlders, and plain, old fashioned regressives. If they were to nominate high-quality individuals, I would consider each individually. But they have become a party of a single, top-dictated monologue. Ditto-heads instead of dialogists.

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