Wednesday, June 6, 2012

It's Time to Kill the Senate

Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked The Fair Wage Act which called for equal pay in the workplace. Get this, this is how the Senate works, or rather, doesn't: the bill failed along party lines with a MAJORITY in favor, 52, and 47 opposed (all GOP). That's right, see, there it is again--the MINORITY gets their will because of the crooked, cooked Senate rules requiring 60 votes to end filibuster. That rule alone is a travesty, usurping the will of the majority of Americans.

I don't even know why we still even have a Senate. It's an anachronistic antique left over from the frontier days. It's ridiculous that Wyoming with it's tiny population has the same number of Senators (2) as California, our most populous state. That alone makes the citizen of Wyoming's representational vote more than 66 times as powerful as that of a California citizen. Plus, with it's longest terms in Federal elected office (6 years) it really is just an old boys' club of power, lobbyist money and corruption.

I say kill the Senate altogether, we don't need it, it fact, it is hurting America. The House of Representatives at least is directly proportioned according to population, ensuring representational fairness for all Americans. The three branches of government are designed to check and balance the actions of one another. Having the Senate--especially with its non-working 60-vote filibuster rule--is not a check and balance any longer, it is a road block to accomplishing even the necessary and essential functions of the Congress.

Please copy and paste this into your email, or print this out, or put it into your own words, sign it and mail it to all of your representatives House and Senate, and to the President. Feel free to use my name as author, if you like, but you don't have to. We have to fix this broken government, before the world collapses because of it. Putting the Senate out of our misery should be our top priority, and it would sure scare the hell out of politicians everywhere if we did, now wouldn't it?

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