Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Lytro Light Field Camera

Attention Photographers: the Camera & Photography As We Know It Has Just Changed Forever:

To put it simply, this thing is more like a visual scanner--scanner ala Star Trek, that is!--than a camera. It's a major game changer, no doubt. You know how you can take a conventional digital camera image into photoshop and make post-shoot "darkroom" changes to exposure, color balance, etc.? But, if say, an object in the pic you really wanted to feature is out-of-focus, there's no fixing that in Photoshop.

Well, now, there is. It can do that extremely amazing trick, pull an astounding level of detail out of near-darkness shots, and more fantastic feats, most of which we've yet to discover. How, old #GrayCat, is this possible? You'll want to read this excellent writeup on Gizmodo for the full poop, but the short is that the camera doesn't simply capture an "image," it actually records the "light field" it sees in terms of intensity, color, and direction of light. This allows post-capture technical or artistic refinements, adjustments and effects unimaginable up until this.

So if you've any interest at all in photography and imaging, definitely read the Gizmodo article here.

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