Friday, March 16, 2012

Anonymous "Sabu" was an FBI Operator

Well, well, well, turns out I *WAS* *RIGHT* again--many of the more notorious Anonymous exploits of the past year or so were actually being orchestrated and lead by the FBI, specifically through the use of agent "Sabu," one of Anonymous's vocalists. (See Gizmodo.) Yepper, they are as fake --moreso, really-- than those they've attacked. 

While no longer an active black- or gray- hatter, I have been a hacker since 1979, a phreak really, back then, having learned to build blue boxes from the great Karl Marx. One thing I know about hackers, they are solitary creatures, un-trusting of anyone or any system, not inclined to band into large, publicity-seeking groups. 

I remember the old days of Cult of the Dead Cow, and Back Orifice. They were a bunch of publicity seekers out of Texas with one very interesting warez to their credit. In fact, BO was *too* interesting, and clearly was developed using certain key codes that only could have come out of Microsoft, most likely with someone's cooperation. Then the way they went about trying to publicize their group to attract "supporters" smacked of a government disinformation operation, something else I've had a little training in spotting. Now a days, if you go to Austin, Texas, on west Second street a block or so from the back of City Hall, you'll find the Cult of the Dead Cow WiFi network, which is clearly actually a honey pot. So what's left of them is still a government operation. 

At first, I was way attracted to what Anonymous was saying, I do agree with much of their voiced politics. So I spent a few nights on their IRC channels. After seeing what they were doing there, and the way they spoke down to and absolutely controlled their supporters, I decided that they were just a front for someone trying to locate, identify, corral and control the numerous Internet users dissaffected and marginalized by current political systems, people that could be candidates for 'radicalization,' as the agencies like to say it.

The coincidence of Anonymous's rise with the emergence of the Occupy movement is also just too coincidental for me. I spent the first three days of Occupy Austin at Austin city hall. Clearly, the Occupy movement is highly infiltrated by spies. The way Anonymous tried to glom on and get in front of it pretty much proves my point about their interests, as well.

So, I'm not "legion," I am *still* legend. Don't "expect" me, I'm already here! Signing off, st3v3 »^.,.^«


  1. And I am here with you...does two make legion ;)

    1. In your case, it sure does! LOL I guess it's just us 'creatives,' alone against the storms of the world! Oh, I'm waxing poetic, I better stop now, I gotta deal with plumbers and credit card processing companies, not poetic that! LOL »^.,.^«


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