Friday, February 11, 2011

Save the American Gray Wolf

America's wolves still need our help. This time the threat comes directly from the United States Senate, where Senator Orrin Hatch (Utah, Republican) has introduced a bill to remove all federal protections for all American wolves.

The wild American wolf is not merely an emotional symbol of the American spirit of independence, they play a critically-important role in the ecosystem, ensuring diversity of the canine genome. America's wolves were nearly exterminated in the 20th century. Now, after a remarkable recovery in parts of the country, our wolves are once again in serious danger.
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In the Southwest misinformation and anti-wolf sentiment runs high, with the few remaining wolves in Arizona and New Mexico at risk of extinction. With only around 50 Mexican wolves -- and just two breeding pairs -- left in the wild, we need sensible, science-based wolf management to ensure the “lobo” will survive -- and thrive -- in the wilds of the Southwest. Take action to save wolves in the Southwest...

More than 1,000 wolves in Alaska have been killed by aerial gunning since 2003, and state officials are pushing to kill even more wolves this year using aerial gunning, poison gas and snares.

From a spiritual standpoint, one of God's wonderful creatures is in trouble. Whose side are you on?

Defenders of Wildlife continues the fight to save the American wolf. Please take one minute to click the link and sign their petition:

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