Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hi! Everybody! :-)

This is my new personal blog. I hope to post here often with the random thoughts of a random thinker about current events, cats, the Internet, grandchildren, sports, cute cat pictures, weather, Austin, Texas, kittens, what we need to do to save the world, feral cats, the history of computing, love, kindness, charities, what makes the world go around, and other small talk.

I have started a separate Steve's Cloud Computing blog where I discuss designing, coding, developing, and deploying web sites and web 2.0 applications written in php, MySQL, ajax, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, Google GWT, and more.

Thanks for reading, I'm just starting, so the best is yet to come! Please visit my other websites, too, I don't want them to get lonely or jealous, and turn on me. Connect with me on:

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